There is no shortage of opportunities to get involved. Now more than ever, your time, talent and participation are needed. More importantly, when you give, you get….friendship, optimism, closeness and love.

Our committee structure and member volunteers are the lifeblood of our vibrant congregation. Ask questions, find out what’s needed and wanted.

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ARZA (Association of Reform Zionists of America)

To educate and familiarize the Congregation about ARZA – whose goal is to connect reform Jews in North America and Israel.


To review after the close of each fiscal year the financial books, records and funds of the temple and to report in writing the condition and the financial state of the temple to the Board of Trustees during the month of September next succeeding the close of such fiscal year. The Chairperson of this committee shall not be a member of the Board of Trustees.

Budget and Finance

To assist the Treasurer and Financial Secretary and to assist in preparing a detailed estimate projecting the income and expenses for the ensuing fiscal year and to advise the Board, as the committee deems necessary, on financial planning for the current and succeeding years.


To publicize and promote the activities of Temple Beth El within the temple, in the local community of the town of Huntington, and to the global Jewish community for the purpose of attracting new members and informing current members of temple activities.

Caring Community – A Pledge of Kindness and Time

The purpose of the Caring Community Committee is to provide comfort and practical help to our temple families in time of need, stress or sorrow. We have established an organized network of people ready to offer a friendly voice, a helping hand, and a caring smile. We are here to help individuals in our community one by one, and one on one, on a short term basis as situations present themselves.


To plan and prepare regional programs for and to keep in touch with our children in college.


To build the relationship and share news and information about Temple activities and opportunities to Members, Clergy, Staff, the Huntington Township community and to the global Jewish community.

Community Outreach

To design and implement programs that envelope interfaith families and anyone interested in better understanding and/or considering intermarriage. Our Synagogue is fueled by an unwavering commitment to diversity and multiculturalism including interfaith, GLBT and both traditional and non-traditional families.

Library and Continuing Education

To organize and conduct a program for the education of the membership and Jewish community at large to the concepts, ideals and heritage of Judaism and to supervise and maintain a temple library.

Development and Fundraising

To plan and implement a program for major gifts and deferred giving.

Facilities Management

To keep the building and property of the congregation in good order and repair and to supervise the custodial staff. It shall make an annual inventory of the property of the temple and report the result to the Board of Trustees on or before March 1st of each year. It shall keep a register of all functions of the Congregation and all auxiliaries and any other activities to be held therein.

General Counsel

To advise the officials of Temple with regard to legal matters in connection with the affairs of the temple and to represent the temple with regard to legal matters, when necessary. The General Counsel reports to the Board of Trustees through the President.

Kol Nidre

To organize and carry out the annual Kol Nidre Appeal.

Membership and Hospitality

To develop, organize and deliver activities and initiatives that will attract new members and strengthen the relationships of existing members.

Music and Arts

To encourage a greater appreciation of the Jewish culture and heritage through concerts, talks, exhibits and performances at Temple Beth El. Its aim is primarily educational and will attempt to bring said performances to the synagogue at Shabbat services and special mornings and evenings for the benefit of the Congregation.


To review and maintain job descriptions, personnel policies and manual, and apprise the President of any pertinent rules and regulations concerning non-contractual employees.

Religious School

To formulate the curriculum and requirements of religious school. Oversee the activities of the religious school.


To advise, consider, and assist, in cooperation with the Rabbi and Cantor, with respect to the rituals and observations of the temple, and to promote such services in the home as will enhance the value of Jewish living.

Rose Klein Memorial Program

To plan and present an annual program that furthers the education of our congregants, sponsored by the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the late Rose Klein.


To serve the mature single members of Temple Beth El and the community through social, educational and spiritual activities.

Social Action

To sponsor and promote congregants’ participation in programs affecting the social, political and economic problems of our society. Our Social Action Committee is an acknowledged beacon for the community. The boundless energy, dedication and concern of the many volunteers is a source of inspiration to us all.

On behalf of the entire community, The Huntington Times tips its hat to Carol Werblin, Social Action Chair.

Special Events

To design and produce activities and raise funds essential to the proper and efficient operation of the temple.

Strategic Planning

To evaluate future needs of the congregation, including but not limited to, the facilities, interior design, furnishings and capital equipment.


To research and recommend both computer hardware and software for the furtherance of Jewish education and orderly administration of the offices at Temple Beth El, as well as to advise the President regarding the state of the application of modern technology by the temple. Members of the committee are actively engaged in designing, upgrading and learning about current technology solutions. These include designing database solutions, temple-wide application support, as well as hardware (PCs and networking) installation and support. Come join us to learn about technologies which interest you and to share your expertise.

Temple Use and Catering

To be responsible for overseeing the rental of temple facilities according to the policy and rates as established by the Board of Trustees.

Youth Activities

To organize the temple youth into a group or groups for the conduct of social, cultural and religious activities.