Leadership Directory

The lay leadership of Temple Beth El is comprised of a dedicated and motivated Board of Trustees who support a variety of active, hardworking committees and operate according to the strict adherence of our Bylaws.

Alongside our Board of Trustees are three pillars that together, form the supportive environment that nurtures our congregation all through the year, our beloved Sisterhood, Men’s Club and Chai Club.

Main Office: (631) 421-5835

Clergy and Religious School Leadership

Rabbi Jeff Clopper
Cantor Alison Levine
Rabbi Emeritus Barton Shallat
Cantor Emerita Sandra Sherry-Pilatsky
Director of Education Diane Berg

Board of Trustees 2016-17

2014 Temple Beth El Board of Trustees1 BEST

Temple President Howard Schneider
VP Finance & Development Nanci Weber
VP Operations & Programs Debra Rich
VP Membership Lisa Tricomi
VP Education Linda Braun
Treasurer Sara Pokross
Financial Secretary Marcia Schwalb
Recording Secretary Peter Chiacchiaro
Past President Michael Heiberger
President, Sisterhood Jennifer Freed
President, Men’s Club Richard Schoor
President, Chai Club Rotating Members
2-Year Trustee Sasha Abraham
2-Year Trustee Cora Brettler
2-Year Trustee Michael Hutt
2-Year Trustee Andrew Karpf
2-Year Trustee Patricia Kresner
2-Year Trustee Nanci Weber
2-Year Trustee Lisi Viesta
 2-Year Trustee Beverly Wayne
1-Year Trustee Heidi Aronson
1-Year Trustee Steven Dombrower
1-Year Trustee Daniel Eig
1-Year Trustee Gregg Fremed
1-Year Trustee Mark Goldman
1-Year Trustee Ellen Gray
1-Year Trustee Florence Roffman
1-Year Trustee Linda Schatten
1-Year Trustee Barbara Schenk
1-Year Trustee Sue Seiler

Main Office Staff

Secretary Lisa Bennett
Bookkeeper Irma Talbot