A Day of Mitzvah and Thanksgiving

Many temples have a mitzvah day for giving to others.  At TBE, we call it our Annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner and Boutique.

In November, we held our annual dinner with guests from adult homes, emergency housing, and shelters. They came for food, clothing, and most of all for kind and welcoming people and you were there for them. You sent out invitations, set up and decorated the Social Hall, made beautiful centerpieces, cooked, shopped, baked, donated clothing and toys, and served our guests. Others drove and assembled “goody” bags, or worked in the boutique. I can’t thank you all enough for making this possible.

We would particularly like to thank the local businesses that regularly support our efforts:  Nino Antuzzi, owner of Red in Huntington, who provided our turkey dinners; A Rise Above Bakery gave wonderful pumpkin loaves; Copenhagen Bakery donated dinner rolls; Richter’s Orchards provided apples; and Jonah and Lynn Kaufman donated McDonald’s coupons that went into the goody bags that everyone received as they left the dinner. Please try and patronize these establishments, letting them know how much we appreciate their support. We even had enough leftovers to send food to the adult homes and shelters that we were unable to accommodate. Clothing was also sent to Nicaragua and given to  Food Not Bombs / Community Solidarity, a grassroots organization that distributes food and clothing on Tuesday nights in Huntington Station.

Our Huntington Interfaith Homeless Initiative (HIHI) is well underway. HIHI is a partnership between Family Service League and various religious groups in Huntington. It is a local effort to ensure that the homeless men and women of Huntington Town have a night’s respite during the coldest winter months. TBE has a provided three meals, a warm place to stay and some friendly conversation since we began     in December. We are fortunate to have two other local temples involved in the program.  The Huntington Jewish Center is hosting six Wednesdays at their synagogue.   Additionally, the East Northport Jewish Center is staffing four nights at TBE.  We still need volunteers to help set up, cook, chaperone overnight and help clean-up in the morning      through March. Please sign-up (on the HIHI board in the atrium) and join with us.

On January 29th and February 26th, TBE will be hosting its Project H.O.P.E. – Sunday Supper at The Moose Lodge.  H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Eat) is a meal program started by the youth  from St. Hugh of Lincoln Church. Meals are served twice monthly to individuals and families, once at St. Hugh, and by TBE members at the Moose Lodge in Greenlawn.   Please contact Carol Werblin at cwerblin@hotmail.com, or Sue Seiler at sseiler27@gmail.com to see how you can become involved in these very exciting programs.

You have taken action!    You have made a difference!