An Easy Way To Make A Difference!

Now we can all begin to make a difference from the comfort of our own homes; from our desk tops, laptops, notebooks or smartphones.  On a series of related websites sponsored by Greater Good, when a person clicks the yellow CLICK TO GIVE button, sponsors of various causes fund food for people, animal welfare, health care, education and other important causes.  It takes literally seconds.  Formerly, one could click only once a day.  Now anyone can click again after only 3 hours! The sites are: Animal Rescue, Breast Cancer, Veterans, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Literacy, Autism, Rainforest, and Hunger.  Simply go to and click on the yellow CLICK TO GIVE button on the right. Then, you can click on all of them in under than a minute! It takes such a minimal effort, so please, let’s all try to make this a daily habit or at least whenever we log onto our computers. Every click helps!