Chai Club Update

An auxiliary arm of Temple Beth El, the Chai Club promotes temple life, or Chai, through the presentation of social and educational activities.  Membership is open to mature adult partners of Temple Beth El who are interested in our activities and our mission.   Headed by the Chai Club Board of Directors, our principal goal is to engage more Chai Club members in leadership and involvement with the club!  We know that the Chai Club membership is composed of highly intelligent, experienced, energetic and interesting individuals who have so much to offer to our club, our congregation and our community.

The Chai Club Needs YOU!  The Chai Club is continually looking to provide relevant social and educational programs to our membership and TBE congregants.  Perhaps you’ve traveled to an exotic setting; have a unique hobby, interest or knowledge base; or possess a musical, literary, artistic, culinary, physical or other talent you’d like to share or teach.  If so, the Chai Club can provide an in-person or Zoom platform where you can present, educate and entertain.  Contact Peter Wayne at or Barbara Golden at to discuss and schedule your program presentation.

We are currently forming our Board Nominating Committee and we invite Chai Club members to join.  This committee shall consist of three Board members elected by the Board and two general members appointed by the president. This committee shall present a list of nominees for the Board offices to be filled.

The Chai Club is also seeking members to join our Board.  We meet monthly on Zoom and plan programs and activities for the club.  Board membership is a perfect way to get involved at Temple Beth El, meet others and make new friendships.

If you’re interested in serving on the Nominating Committee or becoming a member of the Board of Directors, please email either Peter Wayne at or Lynn Geisler at  We welcome your involvement and look forward to hearing from you.

The Chai Club supports Temple Beth El and YOU can support the Chai Club! In the past month, the Chai Club (in partnership with Sisterhood) contributed $5,000.00 to Temple Beth El to purchase and install new wood flooring in the Great Room.  $3,000.00 of the gift came from the Chai Club treasury, made up principally of annual dues from our 120 Chai Club members. The remaining $2,000.00 was from the Chai Tribute Fund, a TBE fund established to honor, wish well or memorialize friends and loved ones of its contributors.

On behalf of the Chai Club Board, I want to thank all our Chai Club members and Chai Tribute Fund contributors for their generous financial support and support for Temple Beth El. You help make good things possible for every TBE congregant!   Please consider making honors, best wishes, or memorial gifts to the Chai Tribute Fund so we can continue to support worthy endeavors at Temple Beth El.