Chai There!

Yes, I serve as President of the Chai Club, and I also chair the Ritual Committee and the Health and Safety Committee… and I would LOVE for you to join in!

CHAI CLUB:  As I’ve commented before, we are about “fun-raising” not “fund raising”.  Since our members have belonged to our temple, or any other temple, for 18 years or more (but who’s counting) we “adults” enjoy gathering to swap stories, recount memories and create new ones.  The connections we share based on longtime involvement are relaxed and easy.  Dinners, outings, celebrating and supporting temple functions are all activities we enjoy together.  We welcome you to share your stories!

RITUAL COMMITTEE:  What is a synagogue without ritual?  This committee is especially rewarding since we get to discuss celebrating holidays and observing Shabbat with Rabbi and Cantor.  Conferences are always provocative and lively.  We brainstorm ideas for keeping the congregation spiritually engaged for all generations.  Differing backgrounds are brought to the table.  Your input would be much appreciated!

HEALTH AND SAFETY:  Our facility is always in use, by our congregants, by our Religious School and by outside groups and visitors.  Keeping everyone safe and secure is our goal and we’ve all learned about insurance, security, health regulations, lifesaving equipment and so much more.  As issues arise, we reach out to our talented partnership to find the expertise we need.  Please join in and contribute what you know – or want to learn!

For me, belonging to a congregation is about support and togetherness; why not join a group or committee!  Sometimes involvement can take you out of your comfort zone yet learning new tricks has been a growing and enriching experience.  And after all, it’s just us, and we truly care about and uphold one another.