Continuing on the Path to Becoming a Mensch

My September article told you how we can help our children become honorable menschen – good human beings – who not only see the world through Jewish eyes but also act to repair it with a Jewish heart. This year, we continue our focus on several specific Jewish values and virtues. Students will learn a Jewish virtue or value and then demonstrate that knowledge by doing the related action.

Talmud Torah (Torahlearning): In October, soferet (Torah scribe) Jill Kaplan explained how a Torah is written. The students learned about the materials used since ancient days. Each was able to hold Jill’s feather pen and see the letters in a Torah. Jill showed the students different sections written with different spacing including where the Ten Commandments were and the crossing of the Red Sea. The message we hope our students recognize is that learning does not end once the scroll is rolled to the end.

Future “valuable” experiences include:

By learning about, practicing and making these values, virtues and deeds rote our children will indeed enrich their lives, be an example for others and make the world a happier and better place to live. I promise.