Finding Comfort in Times of Crisis

I don’t have the words.  There are no words for the horrible terrorist attack that happened to our people in Israel on our holiday of Simchat Torah.  I have been addicted to the news and all of it is awful and heart breaking.  I have found myself “doom scrolling” on my phone for hours at night and flipping endlessly through the channels watching the 24-hour news cycle.  But while it is important to be informed and to bear witness to all that is happening, it is also important to turn off the television and put down our phones to take care of ourselves.  Here are a few ways I have found to seek comfort during these dark times.

These are just a few ways to find comfort during this crisis.  For more ideas see the Kveller article written by Lior Zaltzman “Being on Social Media Feels Awful Right Now.  Here’s What You Can Do Instead.”  And also keep in mind the words we say as we finish chanting each book of the Torah, “Chazak, chazak, v’nitchazeik”.  Be strong, be strong, and may we strengthen one another.