Food Pantry Tips

There have been a few posts going around on social media about how best to donate food. Every food pantry has different factors to consider.  For our TBE pantry, the following guidelines are the most relevant. If you choose to donate elsewhere, you can always ask them ahead of time.

  1. We always need cereal and instant oatmeal packets. Our community prefers it sweet, so bring flavored oatmeal or Honey Nut Cheerios, not plain.
  2. Snacks, juice, juice boxes and condiments (especially mayo if you are donating tuna) are always enjoyed. No glass jars or bottles, please!
  3. Everyone donates pasta sauce and dry pasta; also consider items like Chef Boyardee, Spaghetti-o’s, etc.
  4. Canned vegetables, tuna, and soup are fine; please think about adding a can opener.  Pop-tops are preferable.
  5. Oil is a luxury and needed for things like Rice-a-Roni, which is also plentiful.
  6. Tea bags and instant coffee packets (not pods) are always good.
  7. Rice and beans are in big demand for our communities.
  8. Sugar and flour – especially tortilla flour – are welcome.
  9. Dish soap for the sink (not the dishwasher) is always appreciated
  10. All hygiene products are a luxury and greatly appreciated.