Frogs? Yes. Frogs.

Did you know that I love frogs?  If you come to my office or my house and you will see frogs in different places. Some are ceramic, some made of metal, some big and some small. Why do I love frogs, you might ask? Well, did you know that frogs can only jump forwards?  It’s true and that is why frogs have a special place in my heart. We take experiences from corners of our life (some good and some not so good) and learn from them. I have learned to look forward into 2021 with an open and hopeful mind. This mindset was reaffirmed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We switched from in-person programming to a virtual platform that offered something for everyone.  Rabbi Jeff and Cantor Alison were able to bring us together when many felt alone and isolated from the outside world.  We had to adapt to the new normal and stay home, social distance from friends and family, wear a mask to protect each other and in turn endeavor to go forward with life. Just like a frog, we continued onward even in the face of great change.

Our virtual programming will extend throughout the summer, but I know our upcoming year at temple will be great! It will be fantastic because we have you as a TBE partner.  In early June, everyone received the Sustaining Partnership Pledge Form in the mail and I am happy to say we have received many back with an increase in the pledge amount from last year to this year. Your contribution goes directly towards providing our TBE community with our building, fabulous clergy, staff, exciting programs and so much more. We rely on your heartfelt pledges, which in turn allow us to thrive from one year to the next. If you have already returned your pledge, I thank you! If you have not yet sent in your pledge or you have questions, please contact me. So let’s leap into 2021 filled with hope, happiness, excitement and our ability to keeping jumping ahead; just like a frog!