Getting on Board

During our Installation Service several weeks ago, I spoke about the dedication of the many temple partners who give freely of their time to provide governance for our congregation. With 400 families and a million dollar budget, it would be no small task for any organization, let alone one that relies solely on volunteers.  I also shared some quotes from our board members about why they take on this responsibility, and what they hope to achieve.  One quote summed it up: “Getting everyone on board with supporting TBE.”

On July 17th, we held our first Board of Trustees meeting of the new fiscal year.   As always, we welcomed our new Board members, and gave our best wishes to members who were taking on new roles.  This year, however, we had a special agenda as well, one that I believed would help us work towards that goal of “getting everyone on board.”

Most of you know our fellow congregant Rob Fishman as the talented musician who, among other things, directs the pit when we put on a show.  What you may not know is that Rob is also a skilled sales coach and management consultant.  To help us get the year off on the right foot, Rob led us in an exercise called “Team Storm.” We focused on a “problem statement” that was formulated by the Executive Committee the week before: “How to help partners connect with the temple community.” With Rob facilitating the discussion, the group spent almost an hour generating ideas about different ways of achieving that goal.  Everyone offered suggestions, filling up flip chart pages that were hanging on the wall.  Each member then took a marker and checked off their five favorite suggestions.   When the votes were tallied, we had a prioritized list of projects to work on for the remainder of the year.

In the months ahead, we will be reporting back to you on what we are doing to operationalize those suggestions.  We ask that you, in turn, give us your feedback about what we’re doing, as well as any suggestions that you have about ways in which we can “get everyone on board.”