In Search of a Miriam’s Cup

Since my daughter moved out, I have searched for an appropriate gift to help her start her new Jewish home. She already has Shabbat candlesticks and I thought that a Miriam’s Cup would be a wonderful way to celebrate her role as a young and vibrant Jewish woman. And so, I started the usual online search that has dominated our shopping sprees since COVID. But I could not find one that I really liked; they were either too ornate or overly artsy, too fancy or too plain to represent the song of Miriam.

I went to a few Judaica stores, only to be surprised that there were none for sale – or the store manager tried to sell me an Elijah’s cup, advising me to just tell everyone it was a Miriam’s Cup.  Then I went to Friday night services; my favorite service on the third Friday when we read and discuss a Torah portion. How ironic that we were chatting about the Israelite’s search for jewels to adorn their portable temple in the desert!  As I made my way to the oneg with several Sisterhood friends, I walked past our Judaica cabinets and immediately spotted a beautiful Miriam’s Cup! It was simple yet elegant and clearly celebrated Miriam. Before bringing it to my table, it would serve as the Miriam’s Cup in the Women’s Sisterhood Seder with Cantor Alison and 40+ Sisterhood members gathered to tell the Pesach story through the eyes of our female ancestors.

Somehow this story reminded me of my story of Sisterhood at the temple. We are always searching for perfect answers; a larger synagogue, lower membership fees, less politics…yet the search always leads us back to Temple Beth El, the place that has become a home for us and one that holds a Sisterhood family for me.

So whether you are a bookworm, a Mah Jongg aficionado, a volunteer seeking to help by preparing meals or knitting blankets, or just someone looking for the company of some really terrific women, please consider joining us next year. You may have enjoyed our Purim Hamantashen, a yummy Juliet dinner at a local restaurant, prayed with us at the Women’s Seder, or found the perfect knick-knack at a rummage sale. Or perhaps you want to help during our Blood Drives or when we prepare for special Shabbat services. No matter what aspect of Sisterhood speaks to you, we look forward to meeting you and sharing our special bond of sisterhood.  Your Miriam’s Cup is waiting to be filled…