Keeping Up with Men’s Club

The Men’s Club Brotherhood – a group of guys who listen to your complaints and are interested.

In November, the Men’s Club Brotherhood members got together for a trip to Sagamore Hill, which was organized by Sisterhood, for a tour of the estate and home of Teddy Roosevelt. What a great President and humanitarian he was and a friend to the Jews in the United States and Europe.  Special to this tour was the opportunity to take the test for Advanced Junior Ranger, which a number of us took, passed and received certificates for, as well as badges and the privileges so associated.   

In December, the Men’s Club Brotherhood participated at the temple’s annual Chanukah Bash. We ran the Dreidel Table, providing a chance for the kids to play dreideland providing chocolate coins to everyone, along with lots of other candy.  To see the smiles on the kid’s faces while playing dreidel brought back the memories. You should have been there!

In January, we had our monthly meeting with bagels and not just a shmear, but with lox, whitefish salad, onions, tomatoes and jelly-filled munchkins. Business was actually discussed, along with the typical enjoyable schmoozing, and a committee to undertake a Men’s Club Brotherhood Super Bowl Party was formed.

February was the Super Bowl Party at a comfortable venue, a tremendous television screen, and all the “not so healthy” food and drinks one could want – though thanks to the presence of the wives, we did have some healthy foods.

Future activities include:

There may be a meeting or two in between, as well as the annual summer bash.  Be part of something good! And to get on the Men’s Club Brotherhood email list (or have your wife taken off) contact our corresponding secretary at   

Hope to see you guys.  Come with a suggestion – we’ll try to make it happen.