Keeping Up with the Brotherhood

The month started off with the planned trip to the Cloisters on November 10th, co-sponsored by Sisterhood and the Chai Club (attended by around 40 temple members) for a look-see at the exhibit on Medieval Jewish Artifacts, which as reported, “…were breathtaking examples of craftsmanship which upend expectations about what medieval art looks and feels like”.  The planned special tour did not come off (apologies for that); however, the self-guided tour seems to have worked out fine. The view alone from the Cloisters overlooking the Hudson River and the G.W. Bridge made the trip well worth it on a fine fall day that added to that view.  And since every Brotherhood sponsored event is accompanied by food, much of the group met at Naomi’s Kosher Pizza in Flushing for a lunch of Israeli – Middle Eastern food which included some of the “best” Falafel in New York.  And so, a good time and a fine lunch was had by all.

The Brotherhood monthly meeting, “Lox with Friends” was held the following Sunday, November 17th.  The meeting, as always, included bagels and not with just a shmear, there was lox and whitefish salad, onions and tomatoes, and rugalach replacing the usual Munchkins.  The showing exceeded expectations, and with apologies to the guys showing up late, we are “up-ing” the bagel order for the next meeting – without a dues increase! Business was discussed followed by the Brotherhood’s typical enjoyable and therapeutic schmoozing.

ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out – having lunches together), organized by the Brotherhood, continues to meet at Temple Beth El. Still in the planning stage for the future is the “paid-up-dinner” and/or some tavern stops on an occasional Wednesday evening to which all are invited. Watch for the announcements.

As you know, Brotherhood is also about service.  This month, members again helped out with Project HOPE. The good guys included: Rob Seiler, Howard Schneider, Bob Zucker, Mike Sawyer, Mark Goldman, Mike Widawsky, Dave Mullen and perhaps a few others to whom we make an apology for not listing.  

And not to worry: if you didn’t get around to it or were not able to support the temple roof fund, your Brotherhood made a contribution. The motto here is no yarmulkeshould get rained upon while in temple.

Brotherhood finished off the month with a representative attending the bi-monthly meeting of MRJ (Men of Reform Judaism) where Brotherhood members from different Reform temples get together to discuss issues and lend support.

Our next meeting in December will focus around planning for the participation of Brotherhood in the temple Chanukah bash and the running of the BrotherhoodDreidel Table.  Be there or miss out on “Lox with Friends” and socializing with a nice group of guys and the therapeutic support to longevity that that goes along with religious practice, fine fellowship and service. 

To hang with the brothers, be part of something good and help out around the temple, or to contribute by joining as a member, kindly get on the Brotherhood email list. Please email our corresponding secretary, Mike Widawsky, at Come with a suggestion.  We’ll try to make it happen.