NEW Grant Committee Forms!

Have you ever walked around TBE and noticed something that you thought needed a refresh or an upgrade? Do you have an idea for a new or innovative program? Whether it is something cosmetic (a fresh coat of paint!) or something related to security, programming, a kitchen appliance, or any one of a ton of other possibilities, there are so many things that TBE would love to have some funds to address.  What would we do if we had some additional money?  Where would this money come from?  And how do we start?  These are three really big questions (it’s not quite Passover yet, so there is no fourth question)!

TBE President Patti Kresner had the idea to form a Grant Committee. Led by Beverly and Peter Wayne, the Committee’s goals are threefold: first, to first identify TBE’s specific needs; second, to identify available grants for which we’d be eligible; and then third, to apply for these grants.  The needs have to be identified first as many grant applications require knowing specifically what the money will be used for. Some of these grants have extensive application forms and processes. It is great that all of these tasks are being shared across the Committee!

Which brings us back to you, temple membership: what do you think the temple needs? Or are you aware of any possible sources of funding? No idea or suggestion is too big or too small!  Drop us a note at and we’ll pass it along to the Grant Committee!