New Year’s Greetings from the President

As seen on Facebook this week, “Nobody claim 2021 as ‘your year.’ We’re all going to walk in real slow. Be good. Be quiet. Don’t. Touch. Anything.”  By the time you read this, 2020 will have come to a close, and the hope for a brighter 2021 will have begun.  

As I said on Yom Kippur, this year has been unlike any other in our lifetime. The COVID-19 pandemic affected us all in one way or another. Whether we were students or teachers, parents or grandparents, we all had to change our lives. As a congregation you rose to the challenge with ingenuity, creativity, hard work and love. You adapted to all the changes we’ve had to make to keep us safe, and I and the temple leadership truly thank you for that. 

The front-line workers, the medical professionals, the scientists and the teachers put themselves in harm’s way so that there could be some small sense of normalcy for so many, and I would like to express my gratitude for that as well. 

The holidays have felt different this year with all that’s going on, and I hope you were able to experience moments of peace amid the confusion and chaos. I hope you had connections with family and friends even if they couldn’t be in person and that the warmth of the holiday season was still with you.  

2020 was snatched by this crazy pandemic, so let’s welcome 2021 warmly and pray that with the coming of the vaccine there is actually a light somewhere at the end of this very long tunnel. Here’s hoping the coming year will be a beautiful one for you and your family.

On behalf of the temple leadership, my family and I, we wish you good health and happiness. Happy New Year!