Quarantine Musings

Like you, the Levine family has been in quarantine for a long time.  We have baked, walked around the block, Zoomed with family, and attended virtual classes and meetings, and found some incredible moments of sweetness and some really strong levels of frustration with each other.  They are not called the “terrible two’s” for nothing!  But it has really given me a chance to reflect on things and find those things that are the most important.  It might not be having a clean, organized house.  Ha!  But it is the importance of family and community.  The importance of prayer and a good laugh and an even better cry.  The importance of checking in with ourselves and of also checking in and supporting our loved ones, friends, and Temple Beth El community.  The pause has been compared to Shabbat.  A holy separation from the normal.  A time to re-evaluate our lives and community and to work to make them better.  A time to grieve who and what once was and a time to grow.  To create, to innovate, and to emerge on the other side ready to begin anew.