Sisterhood: Connection, Community and and Comfort

During challenging times, we seek to find grace, guidance, and the comfort of dear friends. For the women of Temple Beth El, the answer lies in the Sisterhood. It is within Sisterhood that we can realize our better self: one that is rooted in faith, generosity and love. From the daughters of Zelophehad to modern day, we can see this legacy in women like Judith Kaplan Eisenstein, the first to become a Bat Mitzvah in 1922, and women like Sally Priesand, one of the first women to be ordained as a Rabbi in 1973.  Like the women who came before us, we pray that God will imbue us with the strength and compassion to follow in their footsteps and support all women who seek to realize their Jewish identities in new and powerful ways.

This year, I am proud to say that our Sisterhood Executive Board has grown to include friends of Sisterhood who we welcome to all our events.  From our Juliet dinners at local restaurants, morning and evening book clubs, to our educational and fun cooking and art parties – both zoom and in person – Sisterhood is an opportunity to meet new friends and connect with the community while nurturing your spiritual self through volunteer work and helping those in need. Hopefully you stopped by our Olive Oil Tasting table or fun Photo Station during the Chanukah Bash or perhaps you will join us when mah jongg resumes. Or just “Zoom by” one of our online get-togethers. Whether in person or online, we hope to see you soon!