Spotlight on: Chaverah Simcha

It is very likely that most of you are not aware that within our temple family, there is an existing Chaverah group, Chaverah Simcha, originally founded on a cold, wintry night in February of 1987.  In the temple newsletter that month, there was an article asking those who might be interested to attend a get-together that evening.  Luckily, a group of brave souls decided to attend in spite of the terrible weather, and Chaverah Simcha was formed.  Our purpose to be together – friendship, support of the temple and another way to follow the path of Judaism.  All these years later, we are still a close-knit group.  Unfortunately, a few members have died or moved away but we continue on.

We were meeting monthly for many years; now we meet about five or six times a year, but we are still a family – we care, we share and we support not just each other, but also the temple.  Rabbi Jeff once said “You are truly a family; when anyone in your group is ill or in need in any way, one of your members always contacts me”.  As a group, we collect yearly dues and we often make donations to the temple.  As of now, we are 14 members, and we remain a caring and sharing group.

All of our meetings involve Judaism in some way.  We have had many interesting get-togethers from trips to places of Jewish interest, to having Rabbi Jeff and Cantor Alison speak, as well as outside speakers, Jewish Trivia games, films, musical programs and too many more to mention.

We are so grateful for the many gatherings with our Chaverah family.  What a wonderful, rewarding way to keep up with our Jewish heritage.

Chaverah Members: