Temple Blooms in Spring!

It may still feel like winter on Long Island, but I prefer to not dwell on the cold weather. Instead, I look forward to what’s coming next: SPRING! There are so many exciting things that will be happening in the coming months.  I hope you will find time to attend a few events either virtually or in person.  If you are new to TBE or you haven’t joined in any recent activities, there’s no time like the spring to renew and bring life to your experiences at Temple Beth El.   Next time you see something that interests you, why not schedule it in your calendar and make time to reconnect?  You never know, it might be just what you are looking for at just the right time.  Just like when spring rolls around we feel happier and ready to emerge from the winter hibernation. We enjoy the warmer sunshine, we notice the crocus peeking through the frozen ground and all of a sudden, we may feel truly ready to take on the world! I hope you will feel ready to get involved and enjoy temple life too!

Remember to check your email for our weekly listing of events at TBE. Here is a list of some fabulous upcoming events to mark on your calendar:

If you have any questions about upcoming programs or have a program in mind, please reach out to me at tbepartners@tbeli.org.