The Bubbe-Santa Came To My House

I had mentioned to one or two temple friends that I was having foot surgery.  Nothing too serious, thankfully.  The day after the procedure, I got a call from the Caring Community’s Mark Goldman asking what kind of soup I wanted and when would be a good time to stop by.  OMG, I thought, I’m on the Caring Community list!  What says caring more than soup, just like Bubbe used to make?  While not quite a Santa double, Mark is tall and thin with a mustache (no beard), and he entered through my front door, not down a chimney.  But his genuine interest, infectious smile and twinkle in his eyes seemed so Santa-like.  Cheerful and kind, this Bubbe-Santa brought not only delicious homemade soup, but a fresh challah and a lovely note from the temple’s Caring Community committee.  The gesture was small, the impact enormous.  I was touched.  I felt treasured. 

Need some cheering?  Recovering from illness or surgery?  Have the pandemic blues? You too can have a call from the Bubbe-Santa.  A little caring goes a long way.  Or maybe you’re interested in being a Bubbe-Santa yourself?  Contact Lisa Bennett in the temple office for more information

NOTE:  This article was written pre-pandemic.  Even as face-to-face visits have been curtailed, and stores and shops have gone into lock-down, the important message remains:  Our Caring Community is ready to help.