The Cantor’s Husband

When Alison and I got married, I knew the role I was stepping into.  From here on out, I would be called/named/referred to as, “the Cantor’s Husband”.  Most of the time, I say “I’m the Cantor’s Husband” whenever I am asked.  But why wouldn’t I just say, I’m Brian?  Here are some interesting facts to get to know me:

  1. I was born in New York but my family moved to Miami when I was seven months old, and that’s where I grew up.  I love warm weather and boating!
  2. I am one of four children, and am the only boy.  I always got outvoted 3-1.
  3. My birthday is on the 4th of July, and yes, the fireworks are for me.
  4. I grew up in a conservative Jewish household, and attended services weekly.
  5. I graduated from Florida State University where I received a degree in Sports Management, and had an almost 20 year career, post college, working in professional sports.
  6. I do not consider myself musically inclined; however, I can read music, play guitar, and try to harmonize with Alison on
  7. Since I grew up in house with all girls, my dad and I bonded with sports.  The best sporting event I attended with my dad was a 2003 World Series game between the Marlins and Yankees.  My dad grew up a Yankees fan, and I am a Marlins fan.
  8. I enjoy spending time on the golf course; in fact, when Alison and I were engaged, we made each other a promise: I teach her how to play golf, and she teaches me how to ski!  That said, I now go down black diamond trails and she plays 18 holes.
  9. After these last two years, I can truly understand what every single Bar/Bat Mitzvah child has gone through. My own Bar Mitzvah on September 5, 1992 was exactly twelve days after one of the worst hurricanes to hit Miami: Hurricane Andrew.  While some of my best friends were living in FEMA trailers as their homes were destroyed, and my own temple  having been damaged by the storm, I had no idea what I should do about my Bar Mitzvah. I had a meeting with my   Rabbi, and I chose to move forward with the service in my temple’s religious school building with no electricity, and if    anyone doesn’t know how hot it is in September, try leading a 3 ½ hour service in a three-piece suit without air conditioning!  I opened up my service up to anyone in the community of any faith who needed to pray.  I was the first prayer service in my community after the hurricane. While the service went on, I canceled the post service festivities (party) and wanted to make sure my community was in a better place before I could celebrate. Eventually, the party was  held almost a year later at my temple, after it had been remodeled from the impact and damage caused by the storm.
  10. To me, there is nothing more important in life than family!  I am extremely close with my mom and my three sisters. Unfortunately, I lost my father in 2006, but his memory remains a big part of my family to this day. As Jewish tradition tells us, from generation to generation, which is why our son Dylan’s Hebrew name is בצלאל אהרון, (Betzalel Aharon)  named after my dad.

Until we meet again…

(No, not the Cantor’s husband, but) Brian