The Mina and Irving Klein Fund

The Mina and Irving Klein Fund: Promoting New Ideas and Innovative Thinking is up and running!  Do you have an idea to bring programs, speakers, and experiences to our community? This matching grant fund can make that happen.

The Mina and Irving Klein Fund was established to support engagement and partnership, and for philanthropy, social action and social justice, among other initiatives. We have already awarded two grants this year and are hoping to award more.  One grant funded Birthday Wishes, a charity that provides children living in local shelters the chance to celebrate their birthday with party supplies and gifts.  Want to know more about this amazing project?   Elisa McDonagh and Sue Seiler can tell you how you can get involved.  The second grant, written by Howard Schneider, went to improve audio visual equipment and will be ongoing over the year.

Now, as we hopefully are over our COVID-19 separation, the Mina and Irving Klein Fund is preparing to accept grant requests again.  We are especially interested in programming that will bring our community together.  So take some time, collaborate with your friends, and figure out some funding that can be matched (it can be donated, you can ask participants to help financially support your program, or perhaps the Sisterhood, Brotherhood or Chai Club might take it on).  Then, fill out a grant application.

You will find the grant application on the Temple Beth El website.  Click on the “Community” tab and you will see the application.  We will be accepting grant applications through September 30th and grants will be awarded shortly afterwards.

As Theodor Herzl said, “If you will it, it is not a dream.”  We look forward to helping make the programs and ideas of your dreams happen!