The Roof Over Our Heads

The roof of a Sukkah should be open to the sky so that you can see the stars.  Not so with the roof of a synagogue, which needs to keep out the elements.  While not quite a sieve, the various roofs and on our synagogue have been in need of some serious rehabilitation. Thanks to the donations of both time and money by a number of generous temple partners we are now well on our way to meeting that second requirement.

Over several months, Andrew Levenbaum, P. E., a long time temple member, donated considerable time to undertake and spearhead the arduous job of assessing our temple roofs and understructure, designing an action plan, and putting the work out to bid so we could find a qualified contractor to complete the work at a reasonable cost.  After two rounds of bids, this task was completed in mid-October.

The roof project was broken up into four phases, with the work prioritized based on the condition of each area: Phase 1 – the Religious School and Atrium roofs; Phase 2 – the Library and HVAC roof areas; Phase 3 – the Sanctuary and Social Hall roofs; and Phase 4 – the Great Room and Kitchen roofs.

Due to substantial donations from the 40+ temple partners who participated in our recent Major Gift Initiative campaign, we had $133,000 earmarked for this project – enough to complete Phases 1 and 2 this fall, but found we were $10,000 short of being able to complete Phase 3, the replacement of our Sanctuary and Social Hall roofs. 

With a deadline of just ten days – like a blast from the Shofar – the call went out, and 24 temple households/groups responded.  With donations ranging from $25 to $1,000, we received the needed additional funds.  We are deeply appreciative of the donors who heeded our calls.

By the time you read this article, the roof over our heads will mostly be replaced, with Phases 1, 2, and 3 completed.  We still need to complete Phase 4 once the necessary funding is acquired.  If you would like to join us in sponsoring this endeavor, please contact me at or Stephen Levy at

With gratitude to (in alphabetical order):

Amaya and Jody Bleiman, Brotherhood,Chai Club, Andrew and Carol Calev, Carol and Rabbi Jeff Clopper, Lynne and Daniel Eig, Lisa and Rob Fishman, Eileen and Jeffrey Gerson, Surelle and Mike Heiberger, Steve Kaish & Julie Mermelstein, Stephanie and Jenny Kellerman, Marjorie and Stephen Levy, Joan and Bob Lifson, Sandy and Burt Masnick, Sara Pokross, Debbie and Charles Rich, Florence and Steve Roffman, Bernie Schaeffer & Nanci Weber, Jack Schatten, Linda and Alan Schatten, Howard Schneider & Miriam Rosen, Erin and Rich Schoor, Sue and Rob Seiler, Sisterhood, Louise Spangle