This Girl is on FIRE!

If you are looking for, to quote my Purim namesake, Barbie, “that good feminine energy!” look no further than our temple.

As always, Sisterhood provides many opportunities for camaraderie and gathering.  This spring, I had the opportunity to lead the Women’s Seder with our Religious School Director, Lauren Chizner.  We told the story of Passover through the eyes of the female heroines and experience.  We danced, drank wine, sang and had a delicious dinner.  I am definitely a fan of the chopped liver!  It is always nice to enjoy the seder without the responsibility of running to the kitchen to check on the soup, as well as having a chance to focus on Miriam and the role of Jewish women in our lives.

This year, I also started a new group celebrating Rosh Chodesh, or the new moon ushering in a new Jewish month.  This group, for people who identify as female or non-binary, focuses on learning and wellness.  We begin with a short ritual of lighting candles, blessing wine, reading an opening poem and enjoying snacks.  We then move on to learning a bit about the Jewish month and more.  Next, we journal by taking the time to write our thoughts down based on a few questions. Then we can choose to share, if we wish, and discuss what we are going through and find support and our commonalities.  Finally, we close with an optional, candlelit meditation.  I have been told our meetings are a great way to renew and recharge.  Keep your eyes open for new dates to celebrate in the fall!