We Kinda Need You. Really, We Do.

There was a memorable World War II poster titled “Uncle Sam Needs You”. The modern update to that poster, as it pertains to Temple Beth El, might read: “We Really Don’t Want To Bother You… No Guilt or Pressure… But We Could Use Your Help.”

The point I’m making here is that in addition to our dedicated staff, Temple Beth El runs on an army of volunteers. One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is just how many people give so much of their time to make our temple the incredible place it is.

There’s never any pressure for you to volunteer, but there’s always a need. That’s why I titled this article “We Kinda Need You. Really, We Do”. The beauty of our temple family is that you can do as little or as much as you’re comfortable doing and there’s never any judgment. But I’m asking you to consider helping out.

I’m already looking ahead to ’22-’23 and all our committees that could use your help:

Whew! And this list doesn’t even include the temple arms: Sisterhood, Brotherhood, and Chai Club. Why not look over the list. There’s got to be an area of interest to you. Please think about sharing your expertise in an area that you’d like to help. You’ll get a lot of satisfaction, meet some great people, and travel the world (okay, I fudged the last part).   Reach out to let me know at tbepres@tbeli.org.  We kinda need you… really, we do.