The Brotherhood is a multifaceted organization of interested, involved, community-minded men from our congregation. We are a low-key, high spirited group that encourages our members to participate at their level of availability and desire. We care deeply for our families and can be counted on to provide the underpinning of strength that our temple needs and deserves.

We offer our members exceptional spiritual, educational, and networking opportunities by joining together to:

  • Provide service and programs to our members, the congregation and the community
  • Promote fellowship by helping to create a warm, caring and educated men’s community while having a lot of fun
  • Promote the importance of family togetherness through temple family activity participation
  • Stimulate interest in Jewish worship, Jewish studies, and social service through our guest speakers program and service projects
  • Increase the Jewish spirit in the children and younger members of our congregation by supporting programs that stimulate their interests in Judaism

At our once a month Sunday morning meetings, we gather to share “Bagels, Camaraderie, Inspiration, Coffee, Tea and Humor.” And, while we’re enjoying the common bonds of Judaism, friendship and community, we work toward upholding the ideals that are our Mission.

Some of our many activities include:

  • Sunday morning breakfast meetings with occasional guest speakers
  • Sunday/Wednesday luncheon meetings with occasional guest speakers
  • High Holy Days and Shabbat service ushering
  • Constructing the Sukkah
  • Kiddish cup gifts to our B’nei Mitzvah
  • Men’s nights out
  • Participation and management of Social Action events
  • Annual presentation of the Charlie Mayer Meritorious Service Award

So, if you’re not yet one of us, come be a part of the fun, and remember:

“Just attending a Brotherhood meeting is a mitzvah!” – Anonymous


Brotherhood Board 2023-24

Ian Weitz, President

Harley Kudler, Vice President

Mitch Kittenplan, Vice President

David Mullen, Vice President

Mark Goldman, Treasurer

Mike Widawsky, Corresponding Secretary

Neal Rotter, Recording Secretary

Richard Schoor, Past President