Life Cycle Events

Throughout history, Jews have commemorated special moments in the cycle of life. These milestones are a recognized and integral part of Jewish life, reinforcing our sense of community and connecting us to the past, present and future. We look forward to joining as you commemorate each meaningful occasion that arises. The clergy are always available to answer any questions and to help you plan.

Please contact the Main Office with questions or to make arrangements.

To commemorate a life cycle event with a contribution, click here.


Welcoming a new child into the community is a blessing to us all. It fulfills the first mitzvah of the Torah, “Be fruitful and multiply”.

Brit Milah

Considered to be a physical symbol of the relationship between God and the Jewish people, male children are circumcised on the 8th day.

Baby Naming

As the proverbs say, a good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. Contact the main office to schedule a Baby Naming ceremony.

Birthday Celebrations

Our temple family takes great pleasure on first Friday night of the month, when the Rabbi invites everyone celebrating a birthday that month to the Bimah for a special Shehecheyanu.

B'nei Mitzvah

We often say a youngster's education begins AFTER their Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremony. Our B'nei Mitzvah enter into Jewish adulthood surrounded by a loving temple family.


Temple Beth El is pleased to perform loving ceremonies for all Judaism-based couples. Interfaith and GLBT ceremonies are performed at our Synagogue.

Spiritual Support

One of the many benefits of being affiliated with a Synagogue is compassionate support and guidance from our Clergy.

Death and Mourning

Judaism offers a set of loving customs, traditions and practices that provide comfort during our times of pain and sadness. The Clergy and Religious School Educator are always on call to support our temple family.