Sustaining Partnership

In February 2017, our congregation voted to create a new funding method for Temple Beth El. We have since moved from a dues system to a Sustaining Partnership model to support our synagogue.

Temple Beth El rests on a core of fundamental values:

  • Temple Beth El is a vital part of our collective Jewish lives
  • We are a community responsible to and for each other
  • Our community sustains itself through the generosity of its members
  • The congregation thrives when every person is treated with dignity and respect

Our Sustaining Partnership program reflects these values.  Going forward, we will no longer divide members into various categories.  Rather, we ask each household to share in the financial responsibility of our synagogue as part of a Sustaining Partnership.  The Sustaining Partnership amount is the amount which, if paid by every household, would sustain the temple for one fiscal year.  In a perfect world, a Sustaining Partnership amount of $3,200 paid by every household would sustain our synagogue for the current year.

We recognize, however, that this is not a perfect world and that each family’s circumstance is different. With that understanding, we ask each household to contribute at the highest level that their heart and financial ability allow, keeping in mind that the cost to run the synagogue this year is $3,200 per family.

  • For those who are financially blessed, we hope your generosity will far exceed the Sustaining Amount.
  • For those facing financial challenges, we are happy to accept your heartfelt contribution at the level you can best afford.
  • Finances will never be a barrier to partnership at Temple Beth El.  No one will be turned away.

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